ZVEI und EIPC on a visit at the new inner layer plant

ZVEI und EIPC on a visit at the new inner layer plant

Visit of the ZVEI workgroup for market analysis


On Thursday, June 14th, 2018, Unimicron Germany GmbH had the honor, to host the meeting of the ZVEI workgroup for market analysis. The meeting took place in the meeting rooms of the new inner layer plant.


After welcoming the participants by the CEO of Unimicron Germany GmbH, Mr. Gerard van Dierendonck and the CCO Hans-Gerd Vousten, various presentations were held, e.g. "Production 4.0 in PCB production (ASS-SAA Automation GmbH), market development of PCBs (Data4PCB), Product-/ and Technology portfolio (Unimicron Germany GmbH).


Afterwards, all participants were invited to guided tours through the new, technically advanced and highly automated inner layer plant.


Visit of the EIPC as part of the "EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference Dusseldorf"

A special recognition was the participation at the "EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference Dusseldorf". Unimicron Germany has been a member of EIPC (Network of Professionals of the Electronics Industry) for several years. As one of the programme highlights of the conference, Unimicron Germany could introduce the new inner layer plant to more than 130 members, from 17 different countries. This was the highest number of participants since the founding of EIPC 50 years ago. For this purpose, the participants came by bus from the conference hotel in Dusseldorf and were guided through the new plant in small groups. It was a special honor for CTO Rico Schlüter to introduce the new plant to such a large audience from the field of printed circuit boards.


The inner layer plant was officially opened on April 21st, 2018. Currently, the last machine installations are running in parallel with customer audits for production releases. The ramp-up of the production has started a few weeks ago. Two of the three production lines are already in production. Ramp-up of the third production line is planned for the end of August 2018.


Due to the very high degree of automation and the new Industry 4.0 solutions, the inner layer plant of Unimicron Germany GmbH is the most modern plant in Europe, ready for all future challenges, especially in terms of capacity, quality and technical customer requirements.

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