Technology Transfer Process

Two Plants on Two Continents, One Efficient Organisation and One Set of Capabilities

The plants in Geldern and Kunshan are parts of one hi-tech organism - the HRBU. We want to make sure that our clients receive the industry-leading service, regardless of where their PCBs are produced. That is why we have, at the end of 2013 with the general fine-tuning of our organisational structure, appointed a dedicated person to lead the coordination of work in Geldern and Kunshan. One of his areas of particular attention is the technology transfer from Geldern to Kunshan.

In terms of volumes, the Geldern plant will continue to focus on smaller to medium series and the plant in Kunshan on large series. In terms of technology, Geldern will stay our test bed and engineering centre, however the plant in Kunshan will always follow closely behind with all the promising and client-approved technologies.

Overview of the responsibilities in technology transfer projects is illustrated below.


Technology transfer