Innovation concepts

Environmentally-friendly PCBs

  • Halogen-free basic materials
  • Lead-free surfaces
  • Halogen-free solder masks

PCBs for high-temperature applications with high reliability

  • Base material for MOT >170°C
  • Materials with low thermal expantion

Cooling concepts

  • New heat dissipation systems
  • 100% automated insertion process of copper inlays
  • Optimized laminates for thermal management

Fine line technology

  • External layers with line widths and spacings of 75 ìm
  • BGA 0.4 mm and 0.3 mm pitch
  • Via in pad technology
  • Testability of ultra fine structures

New materials / embedded components 

  • Hybrid constructions
  • Integrated components
  • Integrated copper profile (HiCu Profile / busbar)

Reducing process costs

  • In-house formulations of process solutions
  • Recycling
  • Production panel optimisation

Reducing product costs for special circuits

  • Alternatives for flexible rigid applications (Semiflex)
  • HiCu Profile as an alternative for Thick copper PCB