Renewable Energy

The earth’s supplies of suitable resources for producing energy from mineral oil, natural gas or coal are limited. The controversial discussions surrounding nuclear energy too mean that ‘renewable energies’ are gaining ground unstoppably. Photovoltaics and wind power especially have in fact been enjoying a veritable boom in recent years. Inverters are the technologically most important components of solar power installations. They convert the direct current produced in the photovoltaic cells into alternating current that can be fed into the public supply grid, and they document the energy output. The market for photovoltaic systems is highly dynamic and characterised by short-term fluctuations in demand. This requires extreme flexibility from providers of solar power facilities and inverters, as well as from their suppliers.


Renewable Energy Expertise´╗┐

Thick-copper PCB

  • Solar Power Inverter and Wind Power Inverter

Double sided (pth) / Multilayer / HDI

  • Power / Energy management