The industrial sector is our major growth driver. Thanks to our decades of industry-leading experience, ever more companies in the industrial electronics come to rely on Unimicron Germany for their PCB needs.

Mechanical engineering and industrial electronics rank among the most successful sectors in Germany. Generally speaking, and depending on the application, mostly small to medium-sized piece numbers are needed per circuit board. RUWEL have geared their production facilities to serve these sectors in an ideal way.

We support our customers´ development & design departments by optimum, flexible and fast service in developing a new module. Even smaller order volumes are produced on the serial equipment in the Geldern plant in Germany. Should job lots run high, the large-volume production facility in Kunshan (China) can take over production. All our locations are certified to the highest quality standards.


Industry Expertise´╗┐


  • X-ray system


  • Industrial Backbone Switches / Router


  • Motion control


  • Machine control unit


  • Motion control unit

Thick-copper PCB

  • Power supply