Unimicron Germany is a market-leading manufacturer of PCBs for the automotive electronics segment in Europe. Nearly all renowned direct suppliers to the automotive industry buy their circuit boards from Unimicron Germany. We supply these boards in Europe, the USA and in Asia. Working in close cooperation with design and development departments, we help in a consultative capacity to push new products in the prototype stage up to commercial viability. We supply series-produced boards reliably and in conformity with the high quality standards of the automotive industry from our German facilities as well as from the Asian plant in Kunshan (China).


Our automotive expertise

Thick copper PCBs / HiCu Profile

  • Relay- and fuse boxes
  • DC/DC Converter, power management for eMobility

Double sided (pth) PCBs

  • Car radio, navigation systems, ac control

Heat management solutions

  • Engine control units, ABS/ESP, air-condition fan control

Microvia PCBs

  • Sensor systems (adaptive light, tyre pressure ect.)
  • Multimedia, Infotainment
  • Navigation systems


  • Car radar (distance control, parking aid)


  • Engine management systems, toll collect systems, ac control

Semiflex PCBs

  • Steering angle sensors, traffic sign cognition systems, electronic gear selector
  • Air condition front panel