We are investing in the future

We have ambitious plans to grow, with and for our clients

The takeover of 100% of the shares in Unimicron Germany by Unimicron is now firmly behind us and the new plant in Kunshan, China, is operating under our technical management. We also devoted attention to tightening our organisation: the new management team is in place and overall organisational structure adjusted to better serve the most demanding customers in the electronics industry.

We now look ambitiously into the future. We set our sights on assuming once again the position of the technology leader in the high reliability PCB industry, and keeping it. We have the experience and the skills, close co-operation and regular feedback sessions with some of the giants of the European and global high reliability electronics industry, as well as the backing of the global PCB industry leader.

Current investments:

Additional ViaMech (former Hitachi) UV/CO² combi laser drilling machine

  • With this machine, we are able to drill 50 µm microvias.
  • This additional laser drilling machine gives us highest flexibility regarding drilling of microvias and through-holes in HF materials.

ALL4PCB Spray coating for soldermask

  • Very uniform coating (max. 4 µm thickness  variation on 610 x 610 mm)
  • Very quick switch (within a few minutes) possible to other soldermask color or type
  • High throughput (~ 2000 WP/day)

Dainippon Screen LEDIA – 6 Direct Imaging Soldermask

  • Latest generation Direct Imaging in UV-LED/DMD technology.
  • Driven by the new multi wavelength technology, the LEDIA covers a light wave-spectrum from 350 nm to 440 nm. Due to this technology, we will be able to produce pcb’s with standard soldermask as well as pcb’s with LDI soldermask in the most flexible way and with a relatively high throughput.
  • Possibility to compensate non- linear distortions on the complete pcb surface.
  • Our LEDIA Direct Imaging will be established with ASS Luippold automation end of October 2015.

New Slimplat Cu/Sn Galvanic Plating

  • Possible to produce pcb´s with highest aspect ratio:
  • PTH up to 1 : 15            (Diameter 0.15 – 10.25 mm)
  • Microvia up to 1 : 12      (Diameter 100 – 200 µm)
  • Blind via up to 1 : 1.2    (Diameter 0.25 – 0.60 mm)
  • High capacity: 5500 – 6150 working panels / week (depending on selected plating cycle)
  • Linear actuator
  • All RPP or DC electrolytes with high current density (up to 20 A/ dm²) can be used
  • Eductorsystems for optimum fluid flow and ion exchange (110-fold vertical and 580-fold horizontal fluid flow)

Enviolet Recycling Equipment

  • Equipment for copper bath UV-oxidation
  • With this equipment we are able to clean and remove all possible organic contamination from our copper baths continuously

2 x Schmoll LM2 Drilling machines

  • Additional flexibility for smaller lotsizes
  • Additional capacity regarding microvia drilling

 Manz Desmear / Blackhole direct metallization (Installation in 2015 – At beginning of October)

  • Replacement for Atotech UP1 PTH line
  • Direct metallization based on carbon
  • Capacity : 2000 working panels / day, length 30 meters
  • Process will run next to conventional PTH line
  • Excellent results for HDI and HF car radar boards
  • Direct metallization process will easy-up etching process later in production (antenna structures)
  • Environment friendly, carbon is present everywhere around us, low water consumption, reduced waste water volumes, no complex builders in chemistry, reduced energy consumption