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Unimicron Germany is in a unique position to offer high reliability PCBs produced in Europe (Geldern, Germany) and Asia (Kunshan, China), with complementary advantages:


  • Quick Turn Around
  • Short Delivery Times for European customers
  • Highly flexible production lines (prototyping, samples, new technology tryouts, etc.)
  • Small to medium lot sizes, low minimum volume required
  • High complexity of products (multilayer, HDI, Semiflex, etc.)
  • Advanced technologies (HiCu Profile, Metal Inlay, "Hybrid"-contructions, Wirelaid, etc.)


  • Very high volume capability
  • Cost advantage
  • Consistent delivery of products with little design changes over time
  • Same points of contact as for the European plant

In order to provide an absolutely seamless experience to our customers, we have dedicated management resources to synchronising the operations of the two plants and implemented a highly structured process for technology transfer from Germany to China and contrariwise.

Redundant Production Plants for 100% Reliability

Natural disasters in Japan and Thailand from two years ago demostrated once again just how susceptible to disruption the global PCB supply chain is. Supply bottlenecks developed and production line standstills threatened the industry shortly after the disasters occured. This showed one more time how necessary it is to guard against continental risks. The High Reliability Business Unit of the Unimicron Group headed by Unimicron Germany is an ideal partner for the global elite in the electronics industry, as it offers its customers the pooled advantages of combined procurement from Europe and Asia. 

As a global partner, we offer the advantages of producing in both Europe and Asia

  • Very high reliability, thanks to redundant capacity on two continents
  • Capability of handling unforeseen spikes in demand by engaging additional capacity
  • Backup possibilities through European production 
  • Parallel qualification at both sites

Numerous events during the last years have shown the necessity of having production locations accross continents: 

  • Flooding in Thailand
  • Earthquake, tsunami, reactor accident in Japan
  • Plant closures in China during the Olympic Games
  • Avian influenza in China
  • Volcanic eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 and limited air transports due to volcanic ash clouds
  • Worldwide political instability


Location Specifics

Complementary production capabilities

Plant Geldern

  • Product range: Printed Circuit Boards (2 to 16 layers)
  • Copper thickness from 18 µm to 210 µm (OL) and 400 µm (IL)
  • Volume range for serial production: From 5 sqm to 5,000 sqm
  • Mass production related prototyping
  • Wide range of technologies (heat management, high current applications, optimization for assembly and integration, HDI, 
radio frequency, impedance controlled produced and tested)
Employees: 400 including temporary workers
Revenues: 43m EUR in 2017
Total Capacity: 160,000 sqf / monthly
Certificates / Approvals: UL file no. E48403
  Quality Management System according to IATF 16949
  Environment Management System according DIN EN ISO 14001
  Energy Management System according DIN EN ISO 50001


Plant Kunshan

Plant Kunshan

Employees: 4,300 including temporary workers
PTH capacity: 700,000 sqf / monthly
HDI capacity: 300,000 sqf / monthly
Certificates / Approvals: UL file no. E49068
  2000 ISO 14001
  2004 ISO/TS 16949
  2009 QC 080000
  2011 OHSAS 18001



Cad Cam Service

We own a majority stake in a dedicated CAD/CAM company located in Bangalore, India, which operates independently and provides services to Unimicron Germany, but also to other companies in the market.


  • Feasibility check
  • Production preparation documentation


  • 80% Unimicron Germany GmbH
  • 20% Jay Panchmatia (Managing Director)
Cad Cam Service Cad Cam Service