Our Mission Statement

As one of the oldest PCB manufacturers in Europe and one of the few manufacturers of printed circuit boards with fully integrated European and Asian plants, it is our mission to provide an answer to all the PCB needs of the electronics industry, especially in the automotive, industrial, medical and renewable energy sectors. Our customers will always receive exemplary service, high quality products at great value, with industry-leading speed and flexibility.

Next to our cutting edge production facilities in Germany and China, our people are the base of our success. Therefore, we strive to attract Europe's best talents, provide them with engaging and rewarding workplace, exemplary leadership and opportunity for development.

We will conduct our business at all times with honesty, integrity and professionalism and strive to minimize our impact on the local and global environment for the benefit of all those affected by our operations.

Unimicron Technology Group will always have a reason to be proud of us as their European operation and an active member of the technology and best practices transfer program.

Core Values

We at Unimicron Germany understand that the winning strategy is to always keep the balance of

Great Quality - High Yields - Quick Delivery

And that is why we are implementing a series of measures to always be the most reliable partner to our clients. The pe

high reliability

rfect balance of Quality - Yield - Delivery has been our guide in


re-setting the corporate structure and planing and implementation of our new series of investment programs.

Quality is a matter for every one of us!
Quality as a key performance indicator for all production-oriented employees. Product Engineering and Maintenance teams have been significantly overhauled, to be pro-active and respond rapidly to any production glitches. Transfer of knowledge and technology into HRBU is a continuous, highly structured process.

Quality has the final say!
Veto right of the quality manager in all relevant decisions. We have implemented an aggressive Internal Audit program, to catch and correct any potential mistakes before they can cause problems for our clients.  

Realistic assumptions, ambitious targets

  • Realistic quality planning based on technologies and batch sizes
  • Ambitious targets and measure-oriented processing.

Quality in cooperation with the customer
„Design for Reliability“ as a common project before and during the product phase-in.

Yield has to be above 95%, including for very small lot sizes!
Together with Unimicron, we have launched an ambitious investment program to make sure that we use the state of the art technology with minimal tollerances and highest quality output each and every time. Our flexible and rapid testing tools and processes allow us to fine-tune and perfect the production early and keep the quality without losing speed.

Quick Turnaround in our European center
Working for some of the most demanding, cutting edge industry sectors is a challenge we accept gladly, for decades now. We work closely with our clients to budget and optimise their designs, produce prototypes and samples within days and arrive at the optimal PCB that goes into serial production as quickly as possible. Our customers are most of the market leaders in their branches, and we plan on keeping this edge.

Consistent Delivery
Even the best PCB is not worth too much if delivered a month too late, or erratically. Keeping our commitments in terms of delivery times is crucial to us and we take it very seriously. Our machine park is being constantly renewed and improved, so production issues are minimised.