Company Mission

Unimicron Germany (formerly known as RUWEL International GmbH) is one of the most important producers of circuit boards in Europe, with the backing of one of the global industry leaders - Unimicron. We are in the unique position of having production plants in Europe and Asia managed by one team of highly dedicated professionals based in Germany. Our maxim is to be a technology trendsetter with innovations to set the pace for technical progress. Intensive research and development work is the prerequisite for growth and economic success of our company. More than 350 employees have a modern workplace at Unimicron Germany.

Backed by the Unimicron group, Unimicron Germany strives to be the partner our customers can truly rely on.

We provide best quality high reliability products, at optimal prices and on time, to the most demanding customers in the Automotive, Renewable Energy and Industry sectors

We use our engineering and production capacity in Germany to help our clients optimise their PCB designs, provide rapid prototyping and sample production and place particular focus on producing small to medium volumes of highly complex PCBs. By continuously transferring our process know-how and technology within the HRBU, we make sure that our high volume clients are served equally well, while getting great value from the lower cost base in Asia.

We aim to stay at the forefront of the technological developments in the PCB industry, while relying on one of the strongest financial positions in the industry, so that our clients know that Unimicron Germany is a 100% reliable partner.