About us

Unimicron Germany is a leading European producer of circuit boards for high reliability applications

Headquartered in Geldern, Germany, Unimicron Germany is the oldest operating PCB producer in Europe and, since 2011, part of the High Reliability Business Unit of the Unimicron Group; one of the global leaders in the PCB industry, with annual revenues close to 2,5 billion USD. Unimicron Germany reserved manufacturing capacity for its clients of its sister company, Unimicron Technology (Kunshan) Corp. in China. While maintaining their company-law structure Unimicron Germany and the high liability branch of production of Unimicron Kunshan are representing the High Reliability Business Unit of the Unimicron Group, which is technically directed by Unimicron Germany. By this Unimicron Germany’s high standard concerning technology and quality is also secured for PCB manufactured in Kunshan, which is warranted by Unimicron Germany. Our strongholds are the Automotive, Industry and Renewable Energy Industry sectors, but we can produce circuit boards for nearly all sectors of technology; from samples through to the high volume production.

We have a profound understanding of the demanding European market, state of the art technology and ability to work closely with our clients on drawing up their budgets and optimising their PCB designs. We deliver rapid prototyping and flexibly produce and deliver highly complex boards to tightest deadlines from our plant in Germany. These capabilities are now uniquely matched by our Kunshan plant's ability to produce very large volumes at affordable prices, while retaining every bit of the quality required for industry-leading high reliability applications.

In 2013, we reorganised our operations to be more efficient and deliver products with great prices, quickly and reliably. Our ambitious investment program in 2013 and 2014, supported by the Unimicron Group, positions us at the very top of the technology curve. With the completion of all the planned investments, we can once again proudly claim to deliver the highest quality products with unparalleled yield and delivery schedules.

More than 350 employees have a modern workplace at Unimicron Germany.

Business Focus

With our innovative products we are mainly represented in three of the most demanding industry sectors